Self Pay Telecounseling - Idaho
Ascent is pleased to announce we are opening online therapy(telecounseling, e-therapy) to self pay individuals in Idaho who may not have access to a full array of substance use disorder treatment in their area, or would prefer the convenience and anonymity of online therapy.  The program consists of a comprehensive assessment followed by a treatment plan consisting of proven best practice Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) programs delivered live and interactive via videoconferencing with an Ascent counselor in a group setting, as well as individual and family sessions.
Self Pay treatment rates for Outpatient (OP) are $700 per month which includes assessment, 2 groups per week, individual therapy as indicated in treatment plan, and 1 family therapy session per month.  Rates for Intensive Outpatient (IOP) are $1,250 per month and include assessment, 4 groups per week, individual therapy as indicated in treatment plan, and 1 family therapy session per month.

Computer System Requirements and Details
Ascent is committed to ensuring communication with clients meets HIPPA and 42 CFR, Part 2 client regulation policies.  To this end, protected information will be encrypted when sent over the Internet via GoToMeeting by Citrix which uses end-to-end 128 bit AES encryption and is HIPPA compliant per Citrix and
Computer should be no more than 4 years old with a built in or external webcam. Internet should be DSL or equivalent with a minimum of 1.5Mbps speed, although faster is better, and a hard wire connection from the Internet router and computer for best results. 
For self pay individuals where only one person is in a room, you must have a headset with microphone, and a room that is quiet and private. 
For our Department of Juvenile Corrections groups, you must have a secure, safe, government based office a local person that serves as a monitor to make sure the computer program is logged into and the individual(s) that are supposed to be in the room are there and no one else.  Site must be reviewed by Ascent prior to service to provide State with assurance that site is conducive to treatment.  Please call and we can assist with this process for DJC referral sources. 

Department of Juvenile Corrections Pilot Program
Ascent has been offering telecounseling to adolescents through a pilot project with Idaho Department of Juvenile corrections that went live January 2013.  Initial indicators have been positive with higher attendance percentages than conventional in person treatment.  We are accepting new referrals to the adolescent Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections pilot program.  Give us a call at Ascent 208-898-9755 or contact your regional LAG(Local Accountability Group) if you are an adolescent probation officer considering making a referral or looking for additional information.
Online Therapy